Simple Cinegears - Custom Follow Focus Gears

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  • Simple Cinegears - Custom Follow Focus Gears
  • Simple Cinegears - Custom Follow Focus Gears

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Our cine-conversion lens gears have been custom designed by our team of engineers. Using the latest high precision FDM printing technology, each gear is manufactured with both form and function in mind.

Simple cinegears are rigid with a clean, low profile ~10mm high off the focus ring of the lens. All our gears are compatible with any standard 0.8 Module follow focus and are designed to the exact focus ring specifications of each lens.

You can slide the gear on and off as needed, meaning the whole gear is usable with no breaks. Our gears do not have to be removed after each use, saving you time with assembly and breakdown. If left on, the gear can actually help to protect your delicate optics.

We currently have cinegears for most popular lenses but if you have something a little more unusual, we can custom design a gear for you. For custom cinegears, the lens will have to brought to our workshop or delivered to us for precise measurement.