Zeiss Milvus Cine Set – “Precision Optics” 5 lens set Full frame

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  • Zeiss Milvus Cine Set – “Precision Optics” 5 lens set Full frame
  • Zeiss Milvus Cine Set – “Precision Optics” 5 lens set Full frame

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ZEISS Milvus familiy offers the right focal length and the best imaging performance for every situation. The perfect set-up for interviews, documentary work, music videos or corporate movies. With optimum image quality, full focus control, and a cutting-edge design, you can be confident of getting your subject and its creative potential firmly in the foreground, giving unique results every time.

The ZEISS Milvus lens family with precise manual focus offers high and consistent image performance across all focal lengths. They are ideal for current DSLR cameras and also for mirrorless system cameras of the Sony α7 series via an adapter solution.

Thanks to their high contrast rendition and low level of stray light the ZEISS Milvus lenses ensure impressive results with the latest video standards such as HDR (High Dynamic Range) and resolutions of 6K and more. For the user, they open up the field of professional video applications.

All ZEISS Milvus lenses have an exceptionally long rotation angles of the focus ring for precise focusing. The practical, rubber-covered focus ring features outstanding grip properties for optimal focusing. The ‘de-click’ function in the ZF.2 mount lenses allows filmmakers to adjust the aperture freely and smoothly, enabling professional results even in changing light conditions.

Please check out this video shot entirely with the Milvus Lenses 


Set of 5 Includes…

  • Milvus 21mm f/2.8 ZF.2 Lens
  • Otus 28mm f/1.4 ZF.2 Lens
  • Milvus 35mm f/2 ZF.2 Lens
  • Milvus 50mm f/1.4 ZF.2 Lens
  • Milvus 85mm f/1.4 ZF.2 Lens

With Cine Gears

Both Canon and Nikon mount available

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