Zeiss Otus/Milvus Set – 21 T2.8 28 T1.4 35 T1.4 55 T1.4 85 T1.4

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Get the Master Prime Look for a fraction of the cost with our 5 set Zeiss Otus/Milvus Lens Set. These lenses are now suitable for motion capture as they have been cine converted with focus gears and uniform 110mm fronts. All lenses at T1.4 except for the 21mm which is T2.8

Set of 5 Includes…

  • Milvus 21mm 2.8
  • Otus 28mm 1.4
  • Milvus 35mm 1.4 
  • Otus 55mm 1.4
  • Otus 85mm 1.4

Both Canon and Nikon mount available

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